Take It From Me, Be Careful During Trump’s Presidency Because The Stress Can Get To You

Watch your health while you navigate through this American political nightmare. The news is bad in more ways than one.

( Photo by Tom Pumford | via Unsplash )

Before long, the onslaught of news can cause negative physical effects

It wasn’t until I caught myself almost hyperventilating after reading that Trump pardoned Arpaio in Arizona, that I realized the danger of getting emotional is no joke.

I mean, here’s the president pardoning an individual who routinely ignored the law and instead exercised his own brand of justice. Can’t get any more Wild-West than that.

No wonder I felt upset. It’s supposed to be America – the beacon of the free world. And here we have a President taking it apart right in front of our eyes.

Yes, I know that Arizona borders Mexico and there are a number of people crossing the border illegally. Sure, there is a problem. There are other states with this problem. And, no, we don’t break our own laws, and we don’t apply our own version of justice. Period.

But, back to emotions. These developments hit me hard. I was young when we emigrated from the former Soviet Union where all of us experienced this sort of treatment on our own skins in our own home country. We chose America because it’s a melting pot as the saying goes. What happened?

Every time I read the news about something appalling, like another neo-Nazi getting popular support while running for a government office, my heart rate goes up. If I don’t keep myself in check, I get a headache. I might get irritated, even dizzy. Thoughts like “is it safe for me to be in America” cross my mind. This sort of thing doesn’t leave you unaffected.

So, I’ve been consciously taking time outs, focusing on kids, enjoying the little things in life, setting the current American drama aside, making sure I feel good about my life. And I very strongly suggest you do the same.

The whole world is going fascist-minded. America isn’t at the forefront of this despicable movement. Hungary is much further along. Poland is pulling ahead as well. Other countries are becoming nationalist and racist much faster than us. There is hope for America, yet.

I do, however, find it important to speak up for some reason. I cannot simply cover my mouth, my eyes, and my ears. But, I must learn to also keep my zen.

Good luck to you.

I love your comments – please, feel free to comment below. And here’s my section on Politics where I will publish more of my articles. Thank you for reading.

By Sergey Bloom

An imperfect human being.

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