Your Mom Should Stick With Microsoft Or Apple For Now

Personal computers are either Mac or Windows, right?

( Image by OpenClipart-Vectors | via Pixabay )

And so, probably, should you

There are two dominant forces in personal computer space – Apple and Microsoft.

My mom doesn’t love Windows 10, and she isn’t the only one. However, Windows is what she is used to and that’s what she sticks with.

I am an Apple fan.

There is a third alternative – Google – but they are still making inroads.

So far, Apple and Microsoft are the safest bets because both have their long standing customer bases that are used to the way things work and the two companies capitalize on that. Microsoft did go off into the woods a bit with Windows 10, but the company still manages to hang on to much of their user base.

I think Google is a viable option. It’s easy and straight forward. The main obstacle is the unwillingness to make the switch. There are other impediments to using Google’s desktop software, but I don’t want to get too technical.

Then there is Linux.

Ubuntu is the most popular name. It, too, is simple enough to use. Unfortunately, Linux can become overwhelming very quickly. There are many choices and much freedom to make various adjustments. Your mom won’t understand most of it. It may be possible to set it up for her, but then other problems may come up.

Linux can go off tracks and make it feel like the old days of Windows’ “screen of death.”

For example, after the latest upgrade, my Ubuntu refused to show me the usual login screen. For all intents and purposes, my computer became useless after the upgrade. Good thing I am technical and was able to lookup the solution to my problem.

sudo apt-get install lightdm

That is not a “mom” scenario.

And if mom needs to call me because her computer went caput, that is not a good scenario for me either. I haven’t had calls from mom about Windows in a very long time now – certainly, no “useless computer after upgrade” issues.

It’s unfortunate that there is no real competition in personal computers. I think Google has the potential to be the 3rd main option. For now, though, I offer my mom a choice between Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS.

By Sergey Bloom

An imperfect human being.

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