Why Replacing An iPhone Screen By Yourself Is NOT Worth It

iPhone third party replacement screens are not as good as Apple’s.

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And it’s not just about money

Some time ago, I decided to replace the screen on my iPhone 5s after cracking it in an unfortunate accident. The two options are to do it yourself or walk into an Apple Store and let them do it for you.

Obviously, the cost is the deciding factor for people who are even considering these options. If money is no object then, by all means, let Apple do it.

However, I am here to caution you against doing it yourself even if it is cheaper. That’s because it is not really cheaper in the long run.

I reviewed the iCracked screen replacement kit on Amazon.

The gist of it is that the quality of the digitizer seems low. What that means is you will get frustrated as time goes on because the screen will not respond to your touch very well. You may find yourself tapping the same thing more than once, pinch-to-zoom might be finicky, and so on.

Also, the viewing experience using third party iPhone replacement screens is NOT the same as using Apple’s genuine part. I noticed a slight blueish tint and a bit of a difference when looking at the screen at various angles.

Note that while this review is about an old iPhone 5s model, everything I said here still applies to the later iPhones. My sister had a third party serviceman come out twice in March of 2018 to replace the screen on her iPhone 7. Both times, she had issues with touch response and, again, there was a noticeable tint and angle view differences. Finally, she gave up and paid Apple to replace the screen. She’s had no issues ever since.

Paying a lot less for a third party iPhone replacement screen is a case of you get what you pay for.

If it works, the result may be not as good as genuine. And if it doesn’t work, or breaks down soon after then you wasted your time an money. Apple’s repair service may actually be a better deal than the dollars you are trying to save.

In my opinion, using non-Apple screens is really not worth it. As I said in my Amazon review, I would suggest saving the money towards either a new phone or a genuine Apple repair service.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this was helpful to you. Please, let me know what you think in the comments below. You may also be interested in my other Amazon reviews.

By Sergey Bloom

An imperfect human being.

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