And So, Little By Little, America Crumbled…

All the while, ”true believers” prayed and continue to pray for this American destruction to happen.

All the while, ”true believers” prayed and continue to pray for this American destruction to happen.

With Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court, we are one more step closer to discarding the collective conscience in favor of the rule by those in power.

We went down that slippery slope with Trump’s election. That was a borderline suicidal move by American voters. I think many people would have voted differently if they knew then what they know now. So, perhaps, they didn’t realize they were electing to commit a suicide. But it’s too late.

Maybe, by some miracle, American democracy will survive. After all, we’ve been through even worse times in the past and came out in a, relatively, better shape.

Sadly, surviving means pain, suffering, injustice, and, possibly, death. You could argue that’s life, and I should not expect anything different. I say we need to aim for progress and not the status quo.

Critical thinking is vital to democracy. Half of the American people lack this skill. Without it, we have the ”true believers, ” who blindly accept whatever ”truths” enter their minds.

For centuries now, we’ve seen prayers for causes that clearly hurt other people. And the pain is always ”justified” without any justice.

That’s how we elected Trump and everything that follows. That’s also how human beings can easily go as far as justifying, for example, exterminating other human beings in the name of God, no less. We don’t have to look too far back for examples of this. But it’s the 21st century now.

The irony is that the ”true believers” suffer the most in the end because they are the ”blind” being led by the ”blind” or the malevolent. Accused abusers, rapists, thieves, fanatics and the like are now at the helm.

There is only one hope – that more American people will clear their minds and open their eyes.

By Sergey Bloom

An imperfect human being.

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