Chattel – A Personal Possession Such As A Woman, A Non-White Being, A Democrat, Livestock, Or Other

I told my mom there is a point at which I may consider moving out of the country.

The new American Republican order is really the old coming back.

In the words of the Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh reported by Paul Blumenthal:

“What goes around comes around.”

It will be worse this time around, I think.

Whereas, back in the old days, Negroes were treated like some sort of sub-Human species and women were “put in their place” with impunity, now we will have Democrats join them for the first time ever.

To keep the Democrat half of the country under the thumb is no small feat. I suspect it will require more than just packing courts, taking control of the states, and manipulating the votes.

It’s a potentially explosive situation.

So, if Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, Syria, and others are any guide, some form of deadly enforcement may be needed to keep everything under control.

If you haven’t heard, Democrats are a “mob” now. How do you control a mob? You control a mob with an armed force, of course. See where this is going?

My guess is that some strategic executions Putin style might start to take place. And it might all slowly devolve into a more and more open and unhinged lawlessness with the Republican “mafia” in charge, as it were.

I say “lawlessness” with the full understanding that it would be codified and rebranded as the law despite it being unjust.

I told my mom there is a point at which I may consider moving out of the country. The point is the re-election of Donald Trump.

However, the speed at which we are approaching the “Wild West” is making me worry even more. I wonder if I will be able to last until after 2020 to find out what happens.

I mean, plenty of people saw the writing on the wall at the dawn of Nazi Germany and left before it was too late.

Fascism is back, and it’s, apparently, America’s turn to have another go at it.

The question now is when is too late?

I’ve written about this several times. Here’s a Medium article where I express a tiny glimmer of hope

By Sergey Bloom

An imperfect human being.

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