62,980,160 Is A Lot Of Trump Voters

America is the cause. Trump is the effect. Vote the sanity back.

And don’t you ever forget it, lest Trumpism become the de facto America.

There isn’t much talk about the voters who handed the victory to Trump In 2016.

True, it wasn’t a win by popular vote. However, it is absolutely NOT true that America didn’t vote for this disaster. Oh yes, it did!

Come November 6th, America just might do the same.

The problem isn’t Trump, per se. The problem is America.

Trump very much represents the part of this country that put him in the White House. And this part of the country counts 62,980,160 Trump voting people – that is the American problem.

Vote the common good back.

By Sergey Bloom

An imperfect human being.

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