Murder As A Symbol Of Love

Die lovingly.

Murder As A Symbol Of Love was originally published on Sergey Bloom

Killing you all just warms his heart.

Pain is self-induced, but it needn’t be. Should you face a violent end, try seeing it from the perpetrator’s perspective of infinite adoration. Imagine that you are about to die horrifically because your killer loves you so. The gruesomeness that’s about to take place is proof that he is willing to put in the time and effort necessary to express that boundless love. Lo and behold, pre-decease heart palpitations caused by fear will be a thing of the past, the butchering pain will be no more, and the smile on your face as you are being warmly adored to pieces will light up the path of your extinction.

If there is true love, this must be it.

I am willing to wager a bet that nobody understands this love as well as Donald Trump, whom God sent on Earth to spread it. Mere mortals can never comprehend the divinely-inspired, nor should we attempt to. We must simply raise our hands to Donald and beg for murder. What better way to anoint the sacrificial stone that is his heart than by offering our warm blood and dying breath. Holiness awaits.

Embrace Coronavirus. Don’t ask for personal protection equipment. Accept the lack of leadership not as a lack of leadership but as leadership in and of itself and divine leadership at that. Feel the love.

Renounce non-whiteness as a sin and pray for his white enablers to do you in. Listen to the words of adoration from the mouths of Karens. Die under the loving knee. Or, kiss the bullet as it terminates you.

Be happy. It won’t be long before you see that no love is more love than love. And no life is a better place than life. And murder at the hand of Trump is the love of God – a symbol of boundless adoration.

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Murder As A Symbol Of Love was originally published on Sergey Bloom

By Sergey Bloom

An imperfect human being.

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